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13/11/2014 · This rig works well because smaller bass tend to sit higher in the water while the larger fish will stay closer to the bottom. For this surf fishing rig, tie two 5-inch dropper loops on a 5-foot length of leader, keeping the loops around 12 inches apart, and tie your hooks to the end of the loops. This is where throwing surf perch lures can change the game. The technique has been around for years but hasn’t quite picked up enough attention. I stumbled across a few YouTube videos of people catching big surf perch with lures and it reminded me of a time when a fish hit my Daiwa SP Minnow on accident, making me a believer. surf perch; Browse our posts that related to: surf perch - surf perch fishing - surf perch rig - surf perch recipe - surf perch california - surf perch size limit california - surf perch lures - surf perch setup - surf perch flies - surf perch season - Bellow.

For most surf conditions you’ll need a ½ oz weight, but feel free to opt for a ¾ or 1 oz if the waves are larger. The best bait to throw on your hook for this setup is a Gulp! 2-inch camo sandworm, Big Hammer perch Grub in Motor Oil Red Flake or a live sand crab. More on How to Pick the Best Surf Fishing Rig. This is the traditional Carolina Rig. The Carolina is a year-round set up that works for corbina, perch, yellowfin croaker and all other surf fish. Use a 1/4th ounce sliding sinker in calm surf conditons and a heavier sliding sinker in larger surf. I use a snelled hook and knot for stretch and strength.

Surfperch Fishing The most popular and abundant target for the surf angler is surfperch – slim, saucer-shaped fish that can reach up to 2 pounds. Perhaps their most unusual feature is that the females bear live young that look like miniature versions of the adults. Perch Techniques. Saltwater perch fishing can be done from a boat or from the shore. Perch congregate for food and protection around structures like wharfs, piers, docks, pilings, rock retaining walls, etc. Look for these structures for your best chances. 07/10/2018 · Fished C rig for years and still do at times, With a hi/lo rig with short loops and a good swivel at the sinker I seem to have a better hookup ratio, also if you are into the perch. Lindy rig. In mid-summer, perch will often school up and roam mudflats in 20-30 feet of water on many northern lakes. A lindy rig tipped with a leech, wiggler hellgrammite, or blood worm is a great way to target them. Try idling around flats to locate schools of perch with your electronics before fishing. 4. 02/09/2009 · When using half 3 hooks on a sabiki rig for perch do you add a minnow? I know you just use them plain for baitfish I just wondered if adding a little flash to the minnow or a little meat on the hook helps? I was going to try MUSTAD PISCATOR RIGS - SABIKI - SIZE 6 Thanks, Marty.

10/08/2013 · The 3 Rigs You Need for Surf Fishing. Summertime, and with surf fishing the dining can be as easy as tossing hooks and a sinker into the saltwater a few feet from your towel. Fishfinder Rig. The bait line slides up and down the main line, allowing live bait to swim freely. So with Diesel in tow I walked the quarter mile to the beach and prepared to give the surf perch a go. Fishing for red tail perch is a fairly straight forward affair. My personal rig consisted of a 9 ½ foot spinning rod with an inexpensive sinning reel, loaded with 12 pound mono.

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18/06/2011 · I usually run a sliding sinker & 2ft leader to a size 6 or 4 hook. Seems to work best if you can get it out past where the waves are breaking and let it roll around. Only have ~6 trips under my belt but I've been reasonably successful. There were some great surf perch threads last year, try. The standard terminal rig to use is the Carolina Rig. Personally, I use 6-pound mono main line but switch to 6 or 8 pound fluorocarbon for the leader. The reason for this is that fluorocarbon is stiffer than mono so it better resists getting those pesky loop knots from the rig being tossed in the surf.

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